Memes to dress up as for halloween

Memes are everywhere these days. Just about all statements can be coupled with a meme to make it even funnier than it already was. Why keep them out of Halloween? Here are some ideas:

"Willy Wonka Meme"

This is the perfect time to roast someone oh so discreetly....get creative people!! Things you could go with: 

"Oh, you hate how early you have to get up for your 10 am? Please, tell me more" 

"Oh, you're going to graduate college with a 4.0? I'm sure you are"  


"But that's none of my business" Kermit

All I ask is if you wear this costume, please sip your tea at any and all shade that is thrown that night!!






The "This is fine" dog

This is probably my favorite meme, so shout out to the girl that made it into a costume!! Wear this and I'm sure you'll get lots of college kids coming up to you asking for pictures for when they have to hit the books again on Monday.




Super easy costume and arguably one of the funniest memes of all time. All you need is a yellow sweater and an angry fist!!


"Salt Bae" 

You don't even need all the stuff in this picture! Get some black jeans, a white shirt, sunglasses, and a bowl of salt and just go around salting everyone all night. I'm sure it will make you feel as great as Salt Bae does. 

Grumpy "No" Cat 

You might have to get someone to help you with the makeup, but it will be completely worth it in the end!! 

Happy Halloween!! Be safe and have fun!!