Meet Marissa Flood: Joy Run Campus Ambassador

HC: What is Joy Run?

Marissa:  It's a delivery service which you use an app for and you can pick up/deliver people's orders and get paid to do so or you can get resteraunts like chipotle and cookout delivered to you right at your door!

HC: How did you get involved with this company?

Marissa: I got involved because I was looking for an easy way to save some time on the nights I didn't have time to cook for myself since I'm so involved on campus and take lots of credit hours! Someone told me about JoyRun and as soon as I tried it I was hooked.

HC: What’s your favorite part about the new JoyRun app?

Marissa: I think the best part about JoyRun is that you can order anything you want right from home.  I’m always too lazy to go out and get food, so I just request an order on JoyRun and wait for someone to pick it up.  

You can even start a run yourself and earn money!  It’s fast and easy.



HC: Is the app user friendly?

Marissa: Yes! It’s very user friendly! All you have to do is select where you would like to order from, hit “request a run” and wait for someone to pick it up! If you’re an active user and use the app a lot, you can save your credit card information and order within minutes.  They make it very easy.


HC: How often do you use the app?

Marissa: I use it when I’m really busy and don’t have time to go out and wait for my food to be ready.  If I’m home doing homework or don’t have my car, it’s always nice to be able to order something other than from the traditional delivery places around here!

HC: What’s one thing you could change about the app?

Marissa: I don’t think I would change anything!  However, I would like more people to know about the app and use the app.  It could be such a game changer at ECU if more people utilized it.  It’s a great way to make money, and its also an easy way to get the food you love without any effort at all- every college students dream.


Purchase the app and try it yourself- because our senior editor Marissa Flood rates JoyRun a 10/10.  


**Use her code MARISSAFL596 if you want $5 off your first order!