Meet Mackenzie Bell: Panhellenic VP of Philanthropy and Service!!

Name: Mackenzie Bell

Hometown: Burlington, NC

Year: Junior

Major: Communications with a concentration in Public Relations


HC: What position do you hold on Panhellenic?

Mackenzie:  VP of Philanthropy & Service


HC: What made you want to become VP of Philanthropy & Service on Panhellenic?

Mackenzie: After serving on the extension committee last year, I knew I wanted to become more involved with Panhellenic. When the applications came out I thought, “why not?” I figured it couldn’t hurt to apply, and long story short I got the position. I applied to three different positions within Panhellenic, but what really drew me to VP of Philanthropy is that service and volunteer work have always been a passion of mine. Coming to college and joining a sorority, what made me most excited is the fact that we each had an organization that we supported. I have served on my sorority’s philanthropy committee as well as holding the position of philanthropy assistant. I figured the position of Philanthropy and Service would be the perfect way to combine my passion as well as my eagerness to become more involved with Panhellenic.

HC: How do you like your role as VP of Philanthropy & Service?

Mackenzie: My role as VP of Philanthropy and Service has been nothing but amazing, I cannot believe my term is already halfway over (cries every time). But really it has been such a growing experience for myself as a leader and I really feel like I am making a difference. Last week I held my first Philanthropy event Pie-A-President, where all of the Presidents stood outside of Mendenhall and got pied for $1.   It was amazing to watch it all come together and in the end raise over $800 makes all the hard work worth it.

HC: Other than your sorority, what else are you involved in on campus?

Mackenzie: When I actually have free time besides being on Panhellenic **laughs** I intern with the ECU Athletics Pirate Marketing Crew. We help facilitate in-game promotions with all sports. I am also a member of Order of Omega, an all Greek Honor society and a newly inducted member of Phi Kappa Phi Honor Fraternity.

HC: What’s your favorite thing about ECU?  

Mackenzie: My favorite thing about ECU is just the atmosphere. The whole campus has felt like home ever since the first time I stepped foot on it 3 years ago. Every professor I have had has been nothing but welcoming and very personable. Maybe I am just a positive person but every person I run into on campus always has a smile on there face and I never get tired of my 10 minute walk through campus every day it is something I will certainly miss. But If I had to name one specific thing I love about ECU it would have to be dhall ice cream. I will forever be grateful for the to-go coffee cups so I could take it with me wherever but not the 15 lbs I gained from it freshman year lol.

HC: What’s your favorite part about Greek life at ECU?

Mackenzie: My favorite part about Greek Life at ECU is the fact that we are our own community. This really became apparent to me at my Pie-A-President event. I mean, we always support each other at our individual events but to actually witness so many different members come together and just have fun pieing one another was really heartwarming to be a part of.

HC: If you had any advice for a younger member hoping to get involved in a leadership position within their chapter or Panhellenic, what would it be?

Mackenzie: For someone that was on the fence when applying for Panhellenic… always trust your gut and go for it whether that be for the executive council on Panhellenic or your own chapter. A leadership position is only going to give you nothing but positive experiences. A saying one of my advisors from my chapter always says you get out of your chapter what you put into it. As far as joining Panhellenic do not be afraid to step up and take charge. I never served on my chapter’s executive board but I had one thing; passion. I made that show within the interview process and I believed in myself that I could lead with 9 other women. Follow your heart and shoot for the stars.