Meet Emma Geist: Panhellenic VP of New Member Services!

Name: Emma Geist 

Position: Panhellenic VP of New Member Services

Hometown: Concord, NC

Major: Special Education Adapted Curriculum 

Year: Junior  


HC: What made you want to hold a leadership position?

Emma: I have always loved being a leader in my community! I like to surround myself with people that seem to have similar mindsets and common goals as I do.  It also is something that keeps me busy and that helps me stay more productive with schoolwork and other activities. 

HC: What made you want to become the VP of New Member Services on the Panhellenic board?  

Emma: I wanted my position because I decided that it would be nice to help serve the Panhellnic community and not only my chapter! I can give back so much to ECU's Greek community and Panhellenic as a whole, so it's really rewarding. Also, as a freshman I was on Junior Panhellenic, which is part of my job as VP of New Member Services. It's fun to see how I can now lead the group that I was once in and continue to do more and more to benefit Panhellenic and new members each day! 

HC: How do you like your role as the Panhellenic VP of New Member Services? 

Emma: As I said perviously, I really enjoy my role on Panhellenic. It is fun to see how I can help influence the newest members of the Panhellenic community each semester and be a guide to help mold them through their next few years at ECU! Although it can be time consuming, it has been a great experience!

HC: What’s your favorite thing about ECU?

Emma: My favorite thing about ECU is how all of the students act together. From the moment I stepped onto this campus you could tell that people cared for one another and you were going to be involved in a solid support system. The energy level at this school amazes me everyday. I have had my moments where I wonder if I would ever enjoy attending another school more, but then I always think... I don’t know anywhere else I could even imagine myself being!

HC: What’s your favorite part about Greek life at ECU?

Emma: Wow… Greek life has so many benefits! Over the past semester I have seen behind the scenes work that my fellow Panhellenic executive members and I do everyday, and its so rewarding to see and help create what the Greek community has become. It is awesome to see when every Greek council comes together and all the great things that we can do! 

HC: If you had any advice for a younger member hoping to get involved in a leadership position within their chapter or Panhellenic, what would it be?

Emma: I know it will sound cliché but what you put in any organization is what you get out of it! The more time and effort that you give will only benefit you in the long run and will make your Greek experience that much greater.  Not to mention,  holding a positon within your chapter really prepares you for future jobs and looks great on resumes!