Five Items To Make Sure You Have In Your Spring Break Suitcase This Year

Spring break is one of the most anticipated events during a college students school year. With all of that excitement and ancipation though, it's easy to forget important things to pack, also to forget things that might just make your trip a little bit better. Here's a few things that you should make sure you have in your suitcase this year!



We’ve all been lectured by our mothers and or grandmothers for years to make sure that we wear sunscreen under our makeup and especially when we’re out in the sun. Whether you’re just walking around Charleston or tanning all week long on Panama Beach, make sunscreen a priority and ditch the tanning oils this year.



There is nothing worse than being in the sun all day and having to squint your way through everything. Pack sunglasses so you can enjoy everything without squinting but also so you won’t damage your eyes in the long run. You can find so many cute (and cheap) sunglasses at your favorite clothing stores, so find something that matches your style and rock them!



If you’re anything like me then majority of the time you only have your debit card on you. But cash is so important when you’re on vacation with friends. You never know when you’re going to need to split something amongst all of you, and it’s always easier to do it with cash than with a debit card. You also never know what emergency situation you may end up in where they only take cash. Be on the safe side!


Beach towel:

This is a given if you’re going somewhere with a beach or pool, but it is also something that can be easily forgotten. There’s nothing worse than having to use a small towel from a hotel to tan on. But even better, most places sell really cute towels now days, so just think of all of the cute Instagram pictures you could snag with it? Pack your towel, friends.



There is no better time to relax with a good book than on spring break. You aren’t being constrained by due dates as much, so you can use your time for what you please. Bring a book that you’ve been dying to read or a journal that you can jot down in. Creativity is always higher when you aren’t stressed out, so there’s no telling what may happen in your journal, you might create a New York Time’s Best Seller while on vacation.