Campus Cutie: Meet Caroline Roche


Name: Caroline Roche

Year: Junior 

Major: Criminal Justice/ English 

Greek Affiliation: Alpha Xi Delta 

Favorite Color: Grey and Black 

Favorite Quote: ‘Be soul food, not eye candy’ 

Favorite Movie: The Notebook (how cliche) & The Lone Survivor 

Favorite TV Show: The Office 

Favorite Animal: A Lion 

Hometown: Charlotte, NC 

Favorite Hobby: Dance and Boxing 

Favorite fast food restaurant: Uh, ew. 


HC: Describe yourself in one sentence.

I’d like to think I am extremely out going, and easy to talk to. 


HC: What's your ideal date?

Is anyone willing to take me on a date? That would be the better question. 


HC: What movie does your life most relate to?

Clueless, the title alone speaks for itself. 


HC: One song that best reflects your personality.

Anything upbeat and happy. I can’t think of one song in particular. 


HC: What would you say is your best quality?

I am vry sarcastic, which might not always be the best quality. 


HC: Country girl or city girl? Why?

I am definitely a city girl, but I do have some country girl tendencies. I love bonfires and lifted jeeps, but I have to have running water and a mall within ten miles. 


HC: What's your guilty pleasure?

Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Chicken Nuggs.