Avengers: Infinity War Predictions

Before you continue reading this article please enjoy this trailer!

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ARE YOU AS EXCITED AS I AM?? Watching this trailer gave me all of the feelings. When this franchise started their endeavor to create a cinematic universe I was 10 years old. I have literally grown into a (kind of) adult with these characters. I'm not even going to lie, I shed a few tears watching this trailer. It made me emotional, that these characters that I love are about to face their biggest bad. It's amazing to me that they could take 10 years to build to this one movie. So here are my predictions (don't read if you don't want maybe spoilers, thought I don't know anything for sure).

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1. Captain America will die

I've been saying this ever since I found out they were doing the Civil War storyline. Mostly, because Cap does die in the Civil War comics. However, since he didn't die then, and Chris Evans' contract ends after Infinity War, I feel pretty confident in this prediction.

2. I don't think the avengers will be able to completely defeat Thanos

Okay, so this one needs a little bit more elaboration. It's not a full fledge prediction, but rather an idea of a prediction. I don't think the avengers are capable of completely ending Thanos, whether they can't actually kill him or they can't stop something that he sets in motion. I think this will be Marvels opportunity to transition to a post-apocalyptic setting which I think would be cool (unless Disney actually buys Fox in which case PLEASE THROW IN THE X-MEN).

3. Thor is still going to be the LOML

Because, look at him,