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9 Responses You have When Talking About Your Nursing Major

I am a intended nursing freshman at a school that is known for its nursing program. There are a TON of nursing majors here. I eat, sleep, and breathe people telling me all the things that could happen that would prevent me from getting into nursing school, including the interrogation that occurs because the person thinks you will probably change your major. Sometimes it’s hard to not doubt my decision, but instead of psyching myself out I try to fight my fears with humor. Some statements that are all too familiar to nursing students and the thoughts that definitely run through their head: 

“You know the nursing program is super competitive right?”

    No way!! Ive only looked into about 8 different programs in hopes that I make it into one and have to get at least a C in most of my classes to even be eligible to apply but hey thanks for the heads up!!

“Ha do you have those big clunky shoes?”

    Heck yea I do!!! And they support me for my often 10+hr shift in which I barely get a minute to sit down. I would wear just about anything if it meant I can take care of my patients better. 


“Ah ok you’re in it for the scrubs right?”

    I mean, yea they’re comfy and have 100 pockets but I’m more in it for the whole saving-people’s-lives thing, you feel me? 


“You know nursing school is really hard right? Like people drop out all the time”

    You would hope that school that teaches you how to make dying people not die would be hard, right?


“What’s your backup?”

    Yes, it is very smart for anyone pursuing a degree to have a backup plan!! Especially in a competitive program!! But I feel like this question assumes that I am going to fail out and need to have a good backup plan because that is the one that is going to happen. Have some faith people!!


“*Proceeds to tell long backstory of friend who tried for years to get into nursing school and couldn’t’t and what they are doing now*”

    Yes, nursing school is hard and some people aren’t meant for it. I know you think you’re doing me a favor by scaring me, but please don’t. I am well aware of what I am getting myself into. 


“What kind of nursing do you want to go into?”

    ……my dude I can work in about a thousand different aspects of nursing, I don’t know yet!! Realistically I will probably work in at least 5 different aspects of nursing throughout my life so it depends what point of life you are asking about. 


“**proceeds to list all the weird bodily feelings that have been going on lately** so what do I have?”

I am not a doctor, I have not graduated from nursing school, heck I haven’t even gotten in yet. I can give you a general guess with my slightly heightened knowledge from my Nurse Aide 1 course but my vote will always be to see an actual medical professional about anything serious. Ask me again in like 4 years!!


“Why aren’t you going on to be a doctor?”

    This is like asking a teacher why they aren’t going on to be a principal. It seems obvious in that aspect, but no one asks education majors this do they?? Or at least no where near the amount of times nursing students get asked this. There are many reasons and it all depends on the person you’re asking, but the most common answer you will get is either “I don’t want to go to school for that long” or my personal comeback “I want to be closer to my patients than doctors usually end up being”


Nursing majors, y’all are strong people and I’m so proud of you, wherever you are in the process of becoming a nurse!! We are the backbone of the medical field and doctors couldn’t get anything done without us (see Season 2 episode 14/15 of greys). You can do this!!

Hi! I'm Rachel, a freshman intended nursing major at ECU! Am I the most elequent speaker? Not really. Do I have my life together at all times? Aboslutely not. But in my 18 years on this planet, I have figured out a couple things. Hopefully I can make your day a little bit brighter after reading my stuff! 
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