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8 Times How I Met Your Mother Won at Halloween

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at ECU chapter.

Maybe it’s just me, but when Halloween comes around, all I can think for costumes is How I Met Your Mother and their always amazing costumes/Halloween episodes. HIMYM absolutely killed it at Halloween every time because they were just so creative in their costumes! Some of them look like they could easily be made into cheap DIY costumes too. Here are 8 times that HIMYM won at Halloween:

1. When Marshall and Lily were a pirate and a parrot. This episode was the one where Marshall and Lily entered that Halloween Costume Contest at their bar and the grand prize was a $100 gift card and their costumes costed $150 a piece. They still slayed, though.

2. When Marshall, Lily, and Ted had the Lady and the Tramp couple costume together. Lily and Marshall might have thought that Ted always being apart of their Halloween costume was weird, and it is, but you’ve got to admit that it’s hilarious too. 

3. When Marshall and Ted got in a fight because Marshall owed Ted a thank you note and Ted owed Marshall a wedding present. I mean, of course the logical thing to do when you’re in a fight with your best friend is to dress up as the thing that the other owes you. Obviously, and we’ll never forget the time that Ted and Marshall did this on HIMYM!

4. The episode when Marshall and Lily went as Star Wars characters, and Ted made up a character. Oh Ted, you creative, sneaky man!

5. The time that the group wanted to go as characters from the Breakfast Club, but failed to coordnate their costumes. Take it from these guys, coordinate your costumes so that you all don’t go as the same Breakfast Club character. This one could be easily DIY recreated with a grey jacket and a red scarf!

6. The episode when Ted found the Slutty Pumpkin and dated her, only to realize that they were the most awkward people in the universe. Of course, Ted was the hanging chad, which most of you reading this probably won’t remember what it is (I don’t even remember what it is)!

7. When Barney was trying to prove to Robin that he wasn’t 1/4 Canadian, so he dressed up as America. We’ve all been there… Trying to prove to your friend and ex that you’re really not Canadian by dressing the most American as possible. Except that you probably haven’t.

8. Or maybe the time Barney was Maverick from Top Gun. Ted was the hanging chad, and Barney is trying to convince him not to be the hanging chad again.

These are only a few of the times that HIMYM absolutely killed the Halloween game. I wish it was still airing so that we could all witness the HIMYM Halloween magic just one more time. Barney trying to be a bad influence on Ted, and Ted doing whatever he wants anyway. Marshall and Lily’s amazing couple’s costumes (sometimes with Ted). The world will never be the same!

I am currently a junior at ECU, majoring in Secondary English Education. I really just like to read and write.