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8 Reasons Why Corrine is Every College Girl

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at ECU chapter.

Say what you will about Corrine, I personally think she’s the most annoyingly entertaining contestent that has ever been on the Bachelor. But she is basically every college girl’s spirit animal. The things she does are just overly dramatic versions of the struggles of every day college life: sleeping through class, trying to cook decent meals, being nervous before a date, trying too hard to be sexual, squeezing in those ever so important naps at any given oppurtunity, being in denial that you’re basically an adult. I think it’s safe to say that every girl can see a little bit of themselves in Corrine, even though im sure that thought can be a bit scary…


1. She’s always eating. Always.

This is one of my favorite aspects of Corrine and she seems to be like the female version of Chad from JoJo’s season. Every time she’s seen at a cocktail party she’s stuffing her face. I know whenever im at parties where there’s food present… I tend to gravitate towards it. And that extra college weight is no joke, snacking is a natural habit that we cant ignore.

2. She’s gotta have that glass of wine before a date.

I’m confident every college girl is guilty of chugging a glass (or bottle) of wine before a first date, and defintiely before and during a frat party. Nothing better than that liquid courage.

3. She tries way too hard to be attractive to the opposite sex.

Corrine’s notorious for being kinda slutty…even though her plans dont always work out for her. Squirting whipped cream in my mouth would just end so badly for me if I ever tried to do it in a sexual way. With my luck, the one can I would buy would be defective and it would end up in my eyes. But nonetheless, she’s got balls and we all know of someone, if not ourselves, then some girl at the bar attempting to take a blow job shot…

4. She sleeps too much…

Eh. Maybe for some of us who nap as much as she does, there might not be such thing as too much sleep. But all I know is napping is necessary to surviving every day college life.

5. Even during important events…

And regrettably we are all guilty of sleeping through class at least once (maybe more)…

6. She thinks she’s more mature than she actually is.

Independence. It’s a never ending battle during college. You wanna be a seperate entity from your parents, but at the same time you’re not gonna pass up a free grocery trip or some help with bills even if you do run a multi-million dollar company.

7. She has that best friend that cooks for her and is essential to her survival.

We’ve all got that one friend that cooks an amazing meal for us every once in a while so that we dont soley survive on Ramen and boxed mac and cheese.

8. And it’s a disaster when she tries to cook for herself…

And every time we do attempt something a little more fancy than our instant meals, it typically ends with waving smoke away from the smoke detector.



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