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10 Ways to Make Your Friend Feel Bomb on her Twenty-First

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at ECU chapter.

10 Ways to Make Your Friend Feel Bomb on her Twenty-First


1. Try getting crafty and make her a sign!

Pinterest can make anything possible, and her reaction will make the hot glue and glitter explosion worth it.

2. Text her at midnight.

Easy, peasy and she feels loved.


3. If you can’t be with her for her birthday, send her a snapchat of you dancing for her birthday.

Because I’m sure you all already Snapchat pretty much everyday.

4. Volunteer to be the documenter of her 21st FIRST moments!

She’s going to need someone to take the ABC store picture, picture with bouncer, we all know how it goes.


5. Help her plan her birthday festivities.

It can be as simple as helping her make an event on Facebook and decide where she wants to spend her first night of legal shenanigans. Plus your input means so much more than you know.


6. Be the “cool Mom.”

While it’s important to still have fun on her birthday, try to help with damage control of that one person at the party that took one too many shots.


7. Make her a personalized “Oh Shit Kit.”

Okay, you can literally buy all of these things from the dollar stores, dollar section in Target (forever be cautious in Target for fear of your own bank account, lol). Again, with Pinterest, anything is possible.

8. Pitch in for her first drink.

I know.. this means spending money. But I’m sure you owe her for that time she bought your Chipotle and you said “Oh, I’ll pay you back.” Well girl, now is your time to shine.

9. Post it on Insta!

I know that we are often frowned upon for how often we show our dependence on social media. But hey, embrace it while it lasts. Make sure both of you look good, and trust me. When she’s laying in bed hungover as crap tomorrow, she’ll be using your “Oh Shit Kit” but she’ll be smiling at your post.

10. Remind her how important she is to you.

We all get caught up with our day to day, so this is crucial. Let her have her day and her moments that she probably won’t remember. So give her a couple extra hugs than necessary, and enjoy every moment with her so you all can laugh about it later.

Born and raised in Fayetteville, NC, but Ocean Isle Beach is closer to my heart. I'm an East Carolina University sophomore and a passionate English and Creative writing major.