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One hobby that I, and many others, stumbled into during the COVID lockdown was crocheting. When I saw the sweaters, tops, and dresses that people created on TikTok, it completely changed my perception of what crochet was. Not only is it a stimulating pastime, but having a custom piece that you’ve created is rewarding. Crochet work has completely evolved from the traditional and grandma chic looks that it’s known for, to creative pieces reflecting current trends.

History of crochet

The origins of crochet aren’t well documented. Some sources say that it originated in Arabia and spread through Arab trade routes and the Mediterranean. Some believe that it originated in indigenous South American tribes, and other theories suggest that crochet evolved from Chinese needlework that spread to Turkey, India, Persia, and North Africa. But the form of crochet that we widely know today, is attributed to Europeans when they immigrated to the United States in the early 19th century.

The origins are attributed to many different countries and cultures, but crochet is a needlecraft that uses a single hook to create a fabric out of loops of yarn. The things that you can create with crochet are endless! From tops, to sweaters and even stuffed animals, the only thing limiting you is your imagination (and skill level).

What crochet is now

When mass-produced goods rose in the 20th century, handcrafts like crochet, saw a decline due to the cost and time it took to create. But since quarantine, when everyone had the opportunity to slow down from their normal hectic schedules, we saw crochet make a comeback with Gen-Z who has begun using it as a form of self-expression. Considering the materials are relatively inexpensive, it was easy to pick up the hobby and many people were able to turn that creativity into a social media presence, online communities, and even businesses. 

Like many other forms of art and design, crochet has become a creative outlet for many people who have used the artform to create unique pieces as well as recreating trends and creating a more unique look.

If you want to support crochet artists, looking to buy something for yourself, or simply want to look at some inspiration, here are some artists to check out:

Brianna Sipp

Brianna is a 20 year old student at Kennesaw State University. She’s been crocheting since she was 8 years old, but at 17, turned her hobby into a business during the lockdown. She loves wearing unique pieces and that’s reflected in her style whether it’s bohemian and earth tones, or bold and colorful designs, she uses her crochet fashion to express herself. She loves the versatility and the ability to wear her own pieces year around. “It’s so cool how an idea can be transformed into a tangible project that you can wear for the world to see,” she said. She’s able to draw inspiration from Pinterest, everyday fashion, and even turns normal fabric to turn into crochet pieces. If you want to see even more of Brianna’s work, check out her Instagram @Hookedbybrianna, her YouTube Brianna Sipp to get inspiration for yourself or get one of her pieces from her website.

Photo via Instagram

Shana Yna

Shana is a crochet artist from the Philippines and has always had a love for art and fashion. She pulls inspiration for her pieces from social media and her designs include classic pieces that are still colorful. Crochet is a passion that allows her to be productive and creative. Even reusing and recycling yarn scraps to create new pieces (like her top and hat set). If you want to see more of Shana’s work you can head to her Instagram or YouTube @Sunshan.s2dio, or pick up one of her pieces from her Etsy store.

Photo via Instagram

Tiffany Hang

Tiffany is a crochet artist from Orlando who creates her own pieces and actively does pattern testing for some of her favorite crochet artists. While she’s tried to take up other hobbies like sewing, crochet became the hobby that she loved most. She said, “I love crochet because whatever I think of in my mind, I can create with yarn.” Her style reflects whatever she’s feeling at the moment but she creates many pieces with coquette and cottage core inspirations. If you want to see more of her pieces, you can find them on her Instagram page @Moonfaecrochet.co or get one of your own pieces through her Depop or Etsy page.

Photo via Instagram
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