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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at ECSU chapter.

When I was allowed to put my voice out to the masses, I froze. I had no idea where to start or how to become comfortable enough to let people hear my ideas. If you’re in the same predicament of wanting to branch out and make a podcast, online show, or anything of the sort. Follow along with how I started and maybe you will become comfortable enough to try it yourself. 

Have an Idea

I had absolutely NO idea what I was doing at first. So, if you’re worried about your mind being blank, don’t worry. My tip is to scour the internet and find things that interest you. You will feel far more fulfilled and less likely to burn out if you’re doing something you love. Is there a topic you constantly wish you could speak on? Do it! Is there a category you love to research? Do it! Chances are if you would listen, others will too. If you already have an idea, great! Now expand it and figure out a way to make this last. Come up with an idea that can last you more than one episode, and make sure you can alter it to work time and time again.

FInd your platform

I was allowed to start a radio show at my campus radio station. Find out if this is an option for you, and if not, find what works for you. I believe YouTube is the easiest platform for you to start with. Find one that works for you and that you’re comfortable with. A tip I will give you is that it’s much easier to deal with everything in one place. Treat it like a business and make an email for your page, put everything you use on there so it’s in one place.


Show off your style! This project is your baby, so dress it how you want. Add your favorite colors, designs, and elements to make it unique. You want people to know your page the second they see it, and make sure to be consistent to aid in this. Don’t be afraid to use the help of online resources either. My favorite is Canva, it’s super versatile and has styles that can fit any aesthetic you’re going with. 


As college students, we know that we can’t afford to spend thousands on equipment. The basics are simple. You need a microphone (you can find a cheap one online or use the one attached to a pair of already-owned headphones), and a way to record (I use the program Audacity, it’s simple and easy to use once you figure out where everything is). If you are going to add a visual element, I use the video editor that is already on my laptop. You don’t need the most expensive things to make content that works. We don’t need to worry about expenses till you make it to the pros! ;)

have fun!

Now that you know the steps, put it all together and make it YOU! Have fun with it and don’t forget to promote yourself. Make an Instagram page, an X page (formerly Twitter…), YouTube, etc. 

My name is Rebecca but I go by Becca. I’m a Junior at Eastern Connecticut State University, majoring in Communications with an interest in radio broadcasting. I’m a fan of horror movies, romance books, and trying new foods. I'm also a dog/cat mom of 4. I'm super into tattoos, piercings, and gaming.