Victoria Carodine

Victoria Carodine
Class : 2016
Major:Religious studies and ancient studies
Relationship Status : Single 
What do you do for fun? 

 -Go for a run, yoga, beach, watch movies with friends

What do you want to do after college?

-Grad school at NYU to get my PhD in biblical studies

Describe yourself in three words:

-Adventurous. Introvert. Sarcastic. 

What is your favorite quality in a guy? 


Who is your celebrity crush?

 -Douglass Booth

What is your dream job? 

 -To work for National Geographic

What is your idea of the perfect first date?

 -Coffee + favorite book store

What is your favorite outfit to wear? 

 -Yoga pants and sweat shirt

What is your favorite food:

 -Pesto pasta

Favorite pick-up line: 

-I hate pick up lines 

Biggest pet peeve in a guy:

-When they have nothing interesting or intellectual to talk about.