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St. Patrick’s Day in America!

St. Patrick’s Day in America!

St. Patrick’s Day in America is celebrated with nearly 35 million Americans who recognize their Irish heritage. There is no other day like St. Patrick’s Day and it is an occasion for festivities and celebrations! 


A little history on how this day began: it recognizes an Ireland’s patron saint named Patrick. He was born in Roman Britain, who was taken captive to Ireland as a slave at the age of 16. Patrick managed to escape and his return back to Ireland which was redeemed to its people in the Christian faith. 

St. Patrick’s Day is a religious holiday that started around the ninth or tenth century. This is one of the world’s largest festivals that honors Patrick through parades, fireworks, and concerts, by wearing the color green, eating, drinking and so much more! America, in 1762, held the first parade for St. Patrick’s Day where the Irish soldiers helping in the British grand army marched through New York City. Today, parades in New York City have more than 150,000 participants! There also many other cities with major celebrations such as Tallahassee, San Diego, New Orleans, Omaha, Pearl River, Rolla, San Francisco, Hot Springs, Detroit, Atlanta, Buffalo, etc.

Since 1991 March has been recognized as Irish-American Heritage Month by the US Congress and President. For many Irish-Americans, this holiday is festive and religious. A lot of people wear green colored clothing and those who do not wear green are pinched with “love”. 

Hope everyone has a safe, fun Saint Patrick’s Day!

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