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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Eckerd chapter.

Sarah (SJ) Chambers

Hometown: Mooresville, North Carolina

Age: 19

Major: Psychology Minor:Leadership Studies

Year: Sophomore

Relationship Status:Taken

Why did you come to Eckerd? The beautiful weather and happy people

What are you involved with on campus? I am a peer mentor for a class of freshman students, as well as working at the waterfront. I am also in the choir and have participated and facilitated the LSDP winter term class for freshman.

Are you going to travel aboard? If so where and why? I will hopefully be traveling to London in the fall! I also hope to do a lot of traveling while I’m there to places like Milan, Paris and Amsterdam.

 What are you doing for spring break? For spring break I am going to spend the week in the Bahamas with my beautiful roommate Lianna!  I am excited to enjoy the beautiful beaches with my best friend and have a completely carefree week!

What’s your favorite Eckerd event? My favorite Eckerd event would have to be Kappa Karnival where I took my first ferris wheel ride last year!

What is your favorite quote/phrase? “Just assume that everybody is doing the best they can.” I just like that quote because you truly never know what other people are going through. I believe that everyone has good inside them and you should never assume the worst of people even if occasionally they treat you badly. They are trying to do their best just like you! 

 What three words would you use to describe yourself? Thoughtful, dorky and outgoing!

 How would you spend a day with no responsibilities or worries? On the beach with friends playing Frisbee and hanging out

What is a fun fact about you? I used to do a lot of acting so I have done many plays. Oh and my picture is in a movie called The New Daughter so I got to meet Kevin Costner and eat a lot of yummy foods, get a trailer and feel like an actress for a day!