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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Eckerd chapter.

Five for Under $5

Secret Santa budgets brings you down during the holidays? Here are a few gifts for $5 or under that can sneak their way under the tree this year at your next Christmas party.

  • Be a Sweetie

For those with a sweet tooth, candy is always a good gift choice and with the holiday season there is lots of it. Large bags of gummy bears and bins of ring pops can easily be found cheap. Candy canes are only $0.98 at Walmart. Also, Santa isn’t the only one who likes cookies.

  • Get Framed

For a gift with more sentimental value you should first buy a picture frame under $5. Then print out a picture of you and your friend to put in or maybe a nice poem or a quote. For some added creativity find some flowers to press into the frame. Before putting them in the frame, press them by putting them between two pieces of paper then use two heavy books to really press them flat.

  • Fruit

Buy a piece of fruit and tuck it into a nice basket or bag. It’s a fruity treat for the holidays and much better than a fruitcake.

  • Tree Toppers

A christmas ornament is a great, easy gift to buy that your friend can always hang on their tree and remember you when they look at it.

  • Money, Money, Money

Straight cash is always appreciated, but to add a little more fun and chance, buy your friend a lottery ticket or scratch off game. Who knows? If they win, maybe they’ll give you a cut.

Where I got some ideas


Under $10


  • OPI Nail Polish ($9)

Nine dollars may seem a lot for a bottle of nail polish but OPI is
simply the best.  This is an especially great gift for those friends
who wouldn’t normal splurge for nail polish. Try one from the OPI
Skyfall collection http://www.opi.com/ in honor of the new James Bond

  • Straw Glasses ($5 or less)

These may have been intended for children but them also provide
endless fun for college students. They are great for a white elephant
because they are not gender specific.

  • Winter Wine Mix ($9 at Saturday Morning Market)

If you have never been to Wine Slush at St. Pete’s very own Saturday
Morning Market then you should go.  The Winter Wine Mix is a perfect
gift for the holiday season because it is full of wonderful spices and
is served nice and warm.  For $9 you get the mixture, which calls for
a bottle of red wine and cranberry juice. If you really love someone,
you can get them all three.

Under $15

  • Old Navy sweater hat ($14.99)

Anyone can appreciate a warm and fashionable hat. Plus, it comes in all kinds of fabulous colors.

  • Forever 21 wallet ($12.80)

There are all kinds of cute styles: patent leather, studs, sequins etc. Some can even double as a clutch!

  • Sex & the City Season 2 DVD set ($14.99 at amazon.com)

Because who doesn’t want to own a little piece of history–can we talk about the 90’s crop tops and Carrie-frizz?

Under $20

  • Moleskine 2013 Large Hard Cover ($18.95) A weekly planner with notes (5 x 8.25)


Great gift for a collegiate to start off the new year organized. It comes in Red or Black. Very classic to go with all your other school supplies.


Some girls have all the fun; Devon Elizabeth Williams happens to be one of them. A carb loving, liberal hailing from Lakeville, Massachusetts, Devon is a senior at Eckerd College in Saint Petersburg, Florida pursuing a  major in Political Science with a double minor in Journalism and International Relations. After spending January 2011 in an intensive Winter Term program at the United Nations in New York, Devon realized that taking over the world will be more difficult than anticipated, but nothing that a vivacious red head in stilettos can’t handle. In her free time Devon is a bartending beauty queen who has a soft spot for blueberry pie, Broadway and the scheming antics of Blair Waldorf. When she’s not paddle boarding at the waterfront or laying out on Eckerd’s private South Beach you can find Devon singing in the alto section of the concert choir. At the end of the day Devon is thankful for Newport, RI, her family, Sadie the black lab, Paul Mitchell, her girlfriends, Cheetah, and rhinestones.