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Fashionista: Heather Haase.

Fashionista: Heather Haase
By: Brice Birdsall
This week’s fashionista is freshman, Heather Haase. Heather is from New Jersey. 
With a love of literature and long walks on the beach, her beach bum style makes 
her a perfect ten on this campus. She pairs her favorite thing in her closet, combat 
boots by Steve Madden, with a dark wash jean, a basic top, an army jacket, and a 
scarf. This casual look is perfect for the occasional rainy weather that visits Florida. 
Her favorite stores range from Swell and Forever 21 to miscellaneous thrift shops.
Her number one fashion rule is to wear what makes you feel good about yourself.
The only person’s closet that she would raid is her mom’s, which she does from time 
to time. Her spunky personality is prevalent when looking at her clothes. Pairing a 
basic top with a dark wash jean makes the perfect base for bright accessories and 
accent pieces. Try it for yourself.
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