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Emily Fridrik

Year: FreshmanMajor: UndecidedHometown: Winnipeg, ManitobaRelationship Status: Taken

You may know her from the tennis team, or just as Spencer Gradley’s girlfriend. She is this weeks campus cutie! She loves to travel the world, play tennis and the beach. Even though shes taken, sorry guys, she is a fun and cute girl you should still get to know more about.

 What do you do for fun?:
Enjoying a day in the sun, play tennis
 What are three words to describe yourself?:
Happy, athletic, positive
 What are your life plans?:
 To travel the world
 What is your favorite pickup line?
People call me Emily, but you can call me tonight
 What is your favorite quality in a guy?:
 When he makes me laugh
 What is your idea of a date?:
 A cliché picnic on the beach at sunset
 When do you feel most cute?:
When my freckles come out from the sun
 What is your biggest pet peeve in a guy?
 When he interrupts my stretch or yawn.
 Who’s your celebrity crush?:
Am I aloud to say Beyoncé?


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