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ECVB: Liv Fraser

Liv Frasier blows into our interview like a hurricane. She is decked out in Eckerd volleyball gear, including a self-embroidered fanny pack, because she has to catch the bus for an away game in a matter of minutes. She melds effortlessly into the ongoing breakfast conversation with the other six people in the room and accepts, with some coaxing, a chocolate chip pancake with peanut butter. You would think she would be stressed as a senior biology major with a chemistry minor; juggling schoolwork, friends and, of course, volleyball. But I’ve never seen Liv anything but happy and carefree, even as she is constantly running from one thing to the next. She has a boundless energy and enthusiasm, sends handwritten Christmas cards to her friends every year, and has managed to keep a hamster alive for three years in college (not an easy feat).

Liv does it all. Oh…and she is an absolute badass on a volleyball court. Liv is a force to be reckoned with on the court, has an encouraging smile for her teammates and an impeccable neon manicure of one color or another.

Liv has been playing volleyball since the seventh grade but was actually looking to play basketball in college before spontaneously deciding, in December of her senior year of high school, to play volleyball. When her astounded father asked her if she was serious, she replied, “Yeah…I’ll like spandex better.” She claims she was an awful player when she got to Eckerd, and that the coaches used to keep her out of drills for fear of injury because she was so “spastic.”

I’m not sure if I entirely believe this to begin with, but it certainly isn’t true now. Liv dominates on the court and scored the last point to win against Tampa in an epic game last season, her proudest moment as a Triton so far. This year, her goal for the team is to get further than the Sweet Sixteen, which the team made it to last year. And, considering the team’s skill and cohesiveness–“We honestly all love each other”, says Liv– this seems like a probable goal.

As far as post-graduation plans, Liv has already sent her applications for vet school. How does she find the time?

What will you miss most about Eckerd?

“No one judges you. Wear what you want, act how you want and no one cares. Compared to other schools, it’s so much more family oriented.” 

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