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EC Phone Home: Things We Miss About Home

I think we can all agree that it’s time for a break from school. Sure it’s been fun, but after a while we all begin to miss those little things that make home so wonderful. From those of us who came all the way from Japan to those who grew up down the street from Eckerd, everyone has something they miss about their home.
Clearly as college students there are going to be some similarities in the things we miss. And right before the holidays is the time we all seem to have home on the brain. What are the top things Eckerd College students are missing? Take a look:

  1. Family- Dad’s hugs and Mom’s smile are wonderful little moments in time that we somehow wish we could store in a bottle and bring out at any moment. Our family is really what makes home, home. Somehow we are all looking forward to the family holiday parties just a little bit more than usual. Sarah Cannady says, “I miss watching cartoons with my little brother. It’s so nice to just be hanging out with him.”
  2. Pets- Furry faces that curl up in our laps or greet us happily when we get home are irreplaceable in our lives. Many students express missing their various animals. Allegra Signorino says, “I miss how my cat wakes me up in the morning.”
  3. Food- No offense to our great food staff on campus, but I think the Eckerd collegiette's agree that we all miss home cooked meals. The Pub’s grilled cheese and fries can only fulfill us for so long before we start missing mom’s spaghetti and dad’s grilled salmon. Jill Willig and Julia Calder are dying for their mom’s cooking. Thankfully Thanksgiving break will be the perfect time to request all your favorites.
  4. Seasons- Being able to wear t-shirts, shorts and flip flops year round seems like an awesome deal, but sorry Florida, it’s still nice to actually experience the seasons. Glendyn Hoplight-Powers says she misses the Maine snow and Carly Youssouf misses fall. She says, “I miss the leaves changing colors!”
  5. Privacy- Most of us love our roommates but sometimes you just need to be alone. There’s nothing quite like having a space that’s all yours. And it’s cool to say hi to your dorm mates in the bathroom every morning, but won’t it be nice when you finally get home and can take a shower without wearing shower shoes?

Now what about the things that aren’t the ordinary? What about those things that we never really knew we would miss. What’s Alex Hauber missing? Her bed. Sure we know that we are going to miss home cooked meals and our puppy’s silly antics but won’t it be nice to get home to your room and snuggle under the covers after a long day of traveling? Yes, it will be. 

Bettina Tassone misses her couch and comfy pillows. Katie Mejia misses her videogames. “I love Super Mario!” Anyone who knows Katie knows that she has a passion for the lovable little Italian man. Interestingly enough Selena Bachelder just misses the layout of her town. “I kinda miss how spread out things are, its nice to have things close but I kinda enjoyed the thirty minute drive to Wal-Mart!” Isn’t it funny the stuff we never even thought about its impact can have such an important place in our hearts?
 Clearly the most culture shocked are our international friends. Aya Matsunaga says, “I miss public transportation and being able to get around! Japan has really great trains and buses.” And Australian Taylor Bestry really misses her vegemite.

Even though those from other countries have the biggest adjustment, Florida locals are adjusting too. Here’s what local Dylan Pepper is missing. “The one things I miss most though is seeing my family in my every view. My grandparents lived to the right. My other mom lived to the back. My cousins lived down the road. My aunts and uncles just down the hill by the river... And they were always there, always.”  
We all come from different backgrounds, places and families but we all can name that one special thing we miss that tugs on our heartstrings and begs us to return. Eckerd College is one of the best places on Earth. It’s our home away from home. But with the holidays coming up so soon, it’s nice to know that the one thing we’ve been missing will soon be within our reach. So Eckerd College students, what do you miss? Comment below and let us know.

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