Cole Laddusaw

Cole Laddusaw

Class: Senior

Hometown: California

Relationship status: Taken, sorry ladies!!

Cole Laddusaw is a big part of Eckerd’s improv group, Another Man’s Trash.  He recently travelled and performed with the group in the Chicago Improv Festival which was quite an honor.  His talented performance skills and eccentric personality are making him well-known on Eckerd’s campus.  As a Mathematics and Computer Science double major, it is clear that he has the personality along with the smarts.  Sorry girls he is taken!

His plans post-Eckerd include “moving to Los Angeles with an AMT alumni, Matt Walker.”  Cole tells that, “I have a couple of work opportunities hopefully lined up at some production agencies and will eventually be doing something with some television pilots I’ve written.”  One day he hopes to break into the movies with Matt after the rest of the AMT crew arrives in California. 

Another Man’s Trash really had an impact on Cole’s college career.  Matt Walker recommended that Cole try out for AMT during his freshman year, but Cole was reluctant and never followed through.  However, by junior year he was able become good friends with the AMT members and decided to try out.  Cole tells me that the AMT crew is “like my family now.  I can’t remember school without them.”  He also commented about his bad memory which could be contributing to his forgetfulness…Isn’t he funny?  Cole feels that “the best part of Another Man’s Trash is how completely welcome I feel every time I go in to practice with them.”  Everyone is extremely accepting, and the crew has become good friends.  His most memorable experience in the club was the first time he got a genuine laugh from audience members.  Cole called it “a totally surreal experience that I’ll never forget.”


Outside of Another Man’s Trash, Cole can be found writing, spending time with his girlfriend, Carly Gilmore, or “suffering crippling anxiety over leaving Eckerd’s beautiful bubble for the horrifying reality of life.” The Eckerd community will certainly miss you, Cole!  His advice to those thinking about trying out for AMT would be to go for it and try out.  Cole feels that, “You won’t find a more welcoming, understanding, warm hearted group of people on campus.  And I say that with no bias whatsoever.”

His talent in Eckerd’s own, Another Man’s Trash, and fun personality have gotten Cole recognized around campus.  He will be missed next year!