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Chris Moore’s Mustache

The Facebook page dedicated to Senior Chris Moore’s mustache, with 127 "likes," describes his facial hair as, “the greatest mustache at Eckerd College, the Tampa Bay area, and possibly the World.” Her Campus Eckerd agrees and we decided to chat with Chris to better understand the development of his epic mustache.

Graduation Year: 2013

Hometown: Naples, Florida                                                                                                 

Major: Marine Science

Relationship status: Single and exploring


When did you decide to grow this epic mustache?

“I shaved before the plane ride to go to Chile in January and it’s been growing ever since; I do manscape a little to keep it out of my mouth. We measured it three weeks ago. It was 3 inches out on either side and a ½ inch thick.”

Why this type of mustache?

“It sort of evolved that way. I think the handle bar is every man’s "Wild West" mustache dream, so I went for it because I had nothing to lose. I also worked for Professor Brooks over the summer and he has a mustache; he has been my mentor here for a while so it’s been good to compete.” 

Is it high maintenance?

“It’s fairly low maintenance. I get out of the shower and it’s a little wild. So I have some mustache wax, it has old guys with bowler hats and massive mustaches on it. I put it on every day to keep the shape. When I play soccer it gets a little sweaty and starts going all over the place. Definitely before a night out I pay attention to it. It’s more like fun maintenance.”

What types of reactions do you get?

“Oh my gosh. In the beginning, when it was new to everyone at Eckerd, I couldn’t leave and come back without getting at least a handful of exclamations. I also think it must bring out my features; one time I got a compliment on my eyebrows as well as the stache. The men respect it and the women take notice; the girls are the ones that want to touch it the most.”

So, the ladies like it?

“Yea, it’s definitely made me stand out. I recommend growing a mustache if you’re looking for an icebreaker. It’s an easy thing to start a conversation about ‘cause it’s on your face.”

Who started the facebook fan club dedicated to your mustache?

“Some good friends of mine surprised me one day with it. I’m a local figure, I guess, that represents the people.”

How long do you plan to keep it?

“Yea, I don’t have a time limit; I take it day by day.”



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