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What would be your ideal date?

It’s a question you might not think about on a day to day basis, while running to Elvet Riverside for a lecture or meeting a friend for coffee. Still, it’s a good question though. After all, that perfect romantic evening is something most of us dream about.

So, to see what the people of Durham thought, we asked some guys and girls what their ideal date would be…

The girls we spoke to were less keen to be identified. Some of the ideal dates they spoke of were simple, such simply “having a real conversation with someone special, trying to get a deeper connection”. Others were more specific, such as the girl who wants to find someone to watch Titanic with.


Now, on to the men. Four Durham cuties told us what their ideal date would be.

Anurag, a third year physicist, had an idea that sounds like something out of a fairytale…

“My perfect date would start with me attempting to cook a fancy meal for my date in order to impress her. This would most likely be followed by a spontaneous trip to the nearby restaurant for a romantic candlelit meal.”

“A perfect meal would then be followed by a guilty trip to the ice cream parlour. A romantic evening walk in the park or a beach after that would be ideal, ending the night with a kiss under the moonlight.”

Jamie, a third year Chemistry student, had a similar idea for the perfect date, although it was the opposite of moonlight that he was looking for.

His ideal date would feature “a long day’s walk in sunny weather in the Lake District, so we could really chat and relax, get an ice cream. Together in the evening we cook a really good meal, have a bottle of wine and then a movie.”

Third year Physics student James had a more demanding ideal date, that would appeal to girls who love fitness and nature.

He said: “My ideal date would be a bike ride in the countryside followed by a meal. Then we’d go to the gym and lift some phat weights.”

Last but not least was Ieuan, a third year Chemistry student, who wants the simpler things in life. Focusing on something that would make a date go smoothly he said that his perfect date “would be one in which we would both feel comfortable.”

“Just being able to relax and have fun without too much pressure of expectation is really important. Activities that you both enjoy and give you something to talk about to break the ice like cinema or theatre shows are great in this way.”


Hopefully all of us will experience a perfect date soon, with the partner of our


Ellen is an English literature student still trying to find her bearings around Durham's winding streets despite being there for over two years. When she's not frantically reading for her tutorials, she writes for Durham's student publications, juggles two jobs and drinks copious amounts of green tea. To find out more about Ellen, and probably a lot of posts about feminism and books, follow her on Twitter: @llenfi
Emma Yeo is a history student at Durham University in England. As well as writing for lots of the student publications at the uni, she is currently writing a novel about a time travelling young heroine.
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