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What Will You Miss Most About Being a Student?

For some of us, we’re in our final few weeks as students at Durham University. Personally, I think I’m ready to move on to the next chapter in my life but I’d be lying if I said there weren’t things I’d miss about Durham and being a student in general. I caught up with some fellow finalists to see what it was about being a student that makes the experience so special, and what they’d miss about university life.

Lily, 3rd Year English Student: I think one of the biggest perks of being a student is having the freedom to stay at home and miss things when you really just don’t have any motivation! I think having all your weekends free and having long holidays isn’t a bad thing either. It gives you more time to go out and celebrate even the tiniest little achievements with your friends – things like that really get you through the week.

Sarah, 3rd Year English Student: Lily’s right, the long holidays will definitely be missed. Saying that, for me the biggest thing I’ll miss will probably be choosing my own food. When I’m at home I doubt my Mum will let me eat pizza three times a week… Or take long afternoon naps.

Charlie, 3rd Year History and French Student: I agree with Sarah on that one, pizza has been a big part of my student life and I’ll miss it for certain! I think it’s going to take a lot of getting used to being in a 9-5 job after university. It’ll definitely be a shock to the system! I’m sure at that point I’ll start to really appreciate the time I’ve had here to join different clubs and societies, including Her Campus!

Katie, 3rd Year English Student: Things I’ll miss about being a student will be getting to live with my friends and see them pretty much every day. Spending time in the house with them all and wearing my dressing gown all the time are some of life’s little luxuries. Being an English student I’ll definitely miss being able to curl up in bed with a book and call it work! As well as that, I’ve had the opportunity to get involved with so many different extracurricular activities at Durham and I’ll miss the social side of that too.

It’s safe to say that it’ll be the simple things we’ll miss: pizza, lie ins, having the time to do things with friends and getting involved with things at uni we never thought we’d be able to. No matter what we go on to do next, we’ll know we’ve made the most of our time here and we’ll always have the memories to look back on!


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