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TOP 5: Relatable Memes

To start with, I want to make a disclaimer that all memes are subjective, and all memes have their own quality banter. This is a list of my personal favourite meme types, feel free to critique them and disagree. At the end of the day, all memes are pretty wholesome, and I hope you enjoy this small selection.

1. Classical / medieval art memes, because there’s nothing like warped facial expressions, contorted figures, and overly extra, dramatic depictions of situations. Who ever said the snowflake generation didn’t have culture? Also, they’re probably the most ‘Durham’ meme out there.

2. Peep show memes. Whether you’ve realised you don’t actually enjoy clubbing, or you’ve reached the point in life where breakfast is the most exciting part of your day – everyone’s got a little Mark Corrigan inside them. If you haven’t seen Peep Show I’m sorry for you.

3. Kermit memes. It’s weird how humans can laugh about reality by relating to a little green frog sock puppet, but really, we all know that Kermit’s there for us when no one else is.  My personal favourite has to be the hooded Kermit, who exposes everyone’s deeply hidden darkside, even if it is with regards to trivia such as kicking ice under the fridge.  

4. The next one is possibly the most uplifting meme in existence: the ‘Roll Safe Think About It’ meme, which can change anyone’s glass from half empty to half full. Really, it has a very important moral message that a shift in perspective can make anything positive. Memes are more than just a joke, they can really help guide you in life.

5. The ‘checking out’ memes are kind of annoyingly funny, and you don’t really want to laugh at them but still do anyway (or at least I do). Anyway, they make up the last one on the list.

As I reach the end of writing this article I’m realising I chose an impossible task (and also that I have a weird sense of humour). I’m left feeling sad and guilty about not including salt bae, doggo memes or the expanding brain memes. I could never do the meme world justice, and although this is sad, I am grateful for all the memes that bless us.

Second year Josephine Butler Chemist from Croydon. Love adventures, animals, food, drinks, and HerCampus!
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