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Fresher Tammy, a biology student from Trevelyan, can only boost the reputation of her college with this simple yet classic outfit. Inspired by the swinging 60’s, particularly the films of French film mastermind Jean-Luc Godard, I asked her a few questions about her style inspirations and choice.

Where is your outfit from?

The bag is from asos, coat missguided and the scarf is vintage.

What do you think are the essential items every girl should have in her wardrobe?

Skinny jeans, white T-shirts and attachable collars.

So you’ve said you’re style is very much 60’s inspired, do you have any particular fashion icons?

Anna Karenina from all the Godard films!

Lastly, what advice do you think is most important when it comes to finding your own style?

Don’t take fashion too seriously, just have fun with it! 

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