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Should Non-Religious People Celebrate Easter?

Year after year our supermarkets are once again fill with chocolate Easter eggs and year after year they become more and more extravagant. I remember the days when it was either a Dairy Milk or Mini-Egg themed treat. Today the images below are more common sights and our expectations are continually heightened. Easter brings to mind chocolate, bunnies and egg- decorating for most of us, so why should we celebrate it when its roots are actually completely religious?

Now, the Easter egg (religiously speaking) is meant to symbolise NEW LIFE, the new life of Jesus Christ specifically when he rose from his tomb on the third day. Easter marks a really special time for Christians when they can celebrate the fact they are given new life through Jesus because he sacrificed himself for their sins. But the underlying question is: should non-religious people still celebrate Easter, even though they don’t believe in God?

You could see it as making the celebration trivial and superficial because it has been secularised, just like Christmas. You could see it as a pure, holy concept being lost in materialistic sales and prices. I, on the other hand don’t agree. There is not much in the world, if anything, that can remain untouched by the hands of commercialism. The temptation to make money is too great for mankind to resist. Easter and Christmas, even Diwali and Hanukkah were always going to be seen as commercial opportunities. Why though is it so wrong for non-religious people to observe the celebration also?

New life is a worldly concept that applies to everyone in some way. People like to make fresh starts and new beginnings. People like to come together with their family and friends. Despite all our complaints, most of us like to take time to be thankful and express our gratitude for what we have in life. Easter combines all these things and religion prides itself in being all-inclusive, acceptant of all. Therefore, non-religious people and those belonging to other religious denominations should be welcome to join in this observation of forgiveness, sacrifice, hope and love.


2nd year English lit student
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