My Favourite Christmas Tradition

My Favourite Christmas Tradition

My favourite part of Christmas is Christmas Eve. Every year I meet my friends at the top of my road with my brother, and we walk into the village via the Bridgewater Canal, to stand around the Cross and partake in “Carols around the Cross”.

Masses of people turn up for this event; every year without fail you pass numerous Santas, half of your high school and old ladies cuddled together with a lyric book and flasks of tea. There are also a lot of children who are inevitably brimming with excitement - last year I overheard a little boy saying to his mother he could see Santa in the sky (Of course IT WAS SANTA!!!!!!! Keep the magic alive :-) ).

We are accompanied by a brass band and, because the crowd is so large, towards the end of the evening the front ends up singing a verse ahead of the back because the timing goes out of sync. You’d think this would ruin it, but I’ve learned to expect it now.  For me, and many others, it’s what makes the night so fun.

Having lived in the same house for 20 years, this event holds a special place in my heart at Christmas time, and I know that wherever I end up in life, I will always go home on Christmas Eve and sing carols around the cross.

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