HC Durham's Body Positivity

To round off our body positivity week, I caught up with some of our members and asked them why they like their bodies. If you're feeling less than body positive, read this article and maybe you'll feel a bit more appreciative, positive and proud! 

Helena: 'I like that my body can teach me about myself - whether I’m stressed, healthy or relaxed, it never lies!'

Elizabeth: 'I like that my body can surprise me with its strength.'

Samantha: 'I love that my body can learn new skills through yoga… I am learning to love my curves… I love my body because it lets me travel and meet new people… All in all, I regret that I took my body for granted for so many years. But, twenty-two is still relatively early to start to love my physicality again!'

Kristina M: 'I like that my body allows me to express myself.'

Freya: 'I like that my body is strong and flexible – it probably won’t be like that forever and I should appreciate it while it lasts!'

Seleste: 'I like my height, being short means that the rain hits me last!'

Lucy: 'I like the fact that even though I’m average height my legs are a bit longer than average.  It means I can try out different lengths and styles of dresses and jeans for example…and steal my (taller) sister’s clothes…!  Plus it’s ideal for when I need to get somewhere in a hurry, or when I’m in the mood for taking over the dance floor!'

Sophie: 'I love my eyes. Not only for the colour but for the life they let me see. I’m learning to like my legs as I’d rather have them than have none at all.'

Hannah: 'I like my eyebrows and I like that my body lets me dance and I have fun with friends... I’m also learning to like my height (or lack of it!!).'