Girl Confessions: The Craziest Things We've Done For Love

We all know the scene: Bridget Jones, running through the streets of London in nothing but a cardi and a leopard print thong, quite literally chasing after the man of her dreams. Tragic, but, y’know, quite sweet. We’ve been asking around to find out some of the most cringe-worthy things we’ve ever done for love. I’d say ‘this is no Bridget Jones’, but…

-          “So basically he worked at the cinema and I memorised his timetable so that I could plan cinema trips scheduled for when he was at work.”

-          “My boyfriend and I agreed to have poos in front of each other so we felt more comfortable.”

-          “I dressed up as Queen Elsa as part of a Frozen-themed role play.”

-          “When I broke up with my ex I smashed a DVD I had bought him, literally in my hand, then threw the pieces at his face. And then cut up his bow tie.”

-          “When I was in year 10 I sprayed my boyfriend’s Valentine’s card with my perfume, and because he put it in one of his drawers his room always smelled like me.”

-          “I got my friend to wait with me outside Elvet Riverside chatting until his lecture finished. I hadn’t organised to see him, I just wanted to see if he would notice and come over to say hi.”

-          “I don’t get to see my boyfriend very often so we use skype a lot. Once my mum walked in whilst I was skyping him in some new underwear, and to make matters worse she started hugging me and telling me she understood whilst we were still on skype! My boyfriend was really awkward around her for ages.”

-          “I took the plunge and asked him out. He said no.”

-          “After getting a snapchat from him at 2am, I got out of bed, straightened my hair and put on a full face of makeup so I could reply. Then I took it all off again and went back to sleep!”

-          “I found out I live quite near a male celeb who I fancy loads, so I told my mum I was going to visit my grandparents and spent more or less an afternoon driving round trying to work out where he lived. The plan was to just casually stroll past his house several times, but I never actually managed to find his house.”

-          “At college my friend rang me to say she was sat quite near this boy I fancied in the IT suite. Despite being about to get on the bus home, I walked all the way back to college and went and sat with her for about half an hour, literally just to stare at him.”

-          “I had to ring up a one night stand to tell him I had chlamydia.”

-          “Oh god this is really bad, so basically I met this girl on tinder and on the third date she told me she only had six months to live. I wasn’t sure whether to believe her or not but I had to do the sneak-out. I’m probably going to hell.”

-          “I was really hungover one morning and my boyfriend needed to get some books out for his course and I ended up going to the library for him so he could stay in bed.”

-          “I used to edit all of his coursework for him at Sixth Form just so I could text him.”

-          “I flew all the way to India so that I could break up with him in person.”

-          “Sometimes I walk the long way home from lectures just so I can go past his house.”

-          “Surely we’ve all done the classic, ‘tried to take a sneak-pic and had the flash on’? I just pretended it was meant to be a selfie. So awkward.”

-          “Back at home my mum and dad were quite strict about boys, so we used to have to sneak to each other’s house in the middle of the night, and there was definitely an occasion which involved me having to climb onto his conservatory roof”

-          “A girl I knew was in a FWB situation with a college frep, but they only really hooked up after nights out. One time she got with someone else, and instead of taking him back to her own house, she took him to the frep’s house. Needless to say, they didn’t stay the night…”

-          “I came home with a boy once who wouldn’t leave afterwards, so I ended up literally throwing him, and his clothes, out onto the street.”


Thanks for all your confessions everyone! Keep up the good work and you might just have your moment in the snow with Mr Darcy!