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I interviewed Gen Ainsworth who is a Durham Diva and joint captain of Collingwood cheerleading squad. Collingwood cheerleaders achieved 2nd place in the inter-collegiate cheerleading competition on Saturday 15th February 2014 with their incredible routine! 

  1. How was the inter-collegiate cheerleading competition last Saturday? 

It was really fun, it was good to see all the other college’s routines and show off what we had been working on.

  1. When did you start cheerleading?

I started cheerleading when I was 12 at a local club.

  1. What’s the best thing about cheerleading?

Making friends and having trust in your stunt group.

  1. What’s been your favourite cheerleading social?

The babies one – because we got to wear onesies to klute!

  1. What is your favourite stunt?

My favourite stunt is probably a full up – they’re challenging but very satisfying when you finally hit them.

  1. How does cheerleading with Durham Divas differ from cheerleading with Collingwood?

Cheerleading with Collingwood is more fun where as cheerleading with the divas is more time consuming and hard work. But I enjoy doing both.

  1. Do you ever get nervous before performing a big routine at a competition?

YES! I always get so nervous before a competition but it’s all worth it for the feeling you get after you’ve finished the routine and it’s gone well. I have a competition in bath this weekend which I am excited and nervous about!

  1. What’s the most challenging part of being a capatain?

The most challenging part is probably making sure that everyone is happy and that I spend my time equally working with different people.

  1. What’s next for the team?

Some fun and some hard work so that we can do well again next year.

I'mn a second year Law student from Collingwood, Durham University. I enjoy exploring new places, going travelling and listening to music. Vodka over tequila every time! So very excited to be a part of HerCampus at Durham. Follow me on twitter @rosiemcl
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