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Exam Season: Foods You Should Take Into An Exam With You

Being in my third year, I am still bemused by the idea of taking food into an exam.We all know that exam success comes through preparation and in eating, exercising and sleeping well. Therefore, the university’s regulation allowing food can almost be opined a sardonic opportunity – ‘too little too late.’ As our exam results won’t benefit from any rapidly absorbed nutrients it is worthless to sit there munching on fish, superfoods or anything else we assume to increase our brain capacity. We can however, regulate our mood and wellbeing. Considering this, I’ve comprised a top 5 list of foods which everyone should take into an exam:

1)    Pizza

Sashaying with a pizza box will instantly alert everyone to your superiority as soon as you walk into the hall. Not bound by futile carrot sticks, or meagre rice cakes, you will receive stares of complete confusion and bewilderment. Pizza is no exam snack for the weak. You have confirmed you are a strong exam snacker. Psyching out the competition is the way to get ahead. With exam onlookers quaking in your presence, you’ll be filled with that much needed confidence. Just like them, you too will believe that you are about to smash this exam. 

2)    Ice cream

Eating ice cream requires quick and calculated methodology. The devourer has to predict the next exact location of spillage. Consume before the dessert liquidises, this task requires focus, attention and rapidity. Even if you’re not sitting any science exams these ‘transferrable skills’ will undoubtedly be useful to get you into the right frame of mind – ensuring you’re quick and alert. So concentrated on the task in hand and aware pf your time constraints.Whilst it might not be great part way through, maybe get munching during the invigilators speech, ice cream is clearly a beneficial exam warm up.


3)    Pomegranate

Possibly one of the trickiest fruits to navigate, this will certainly provide an alternative activity to while away the time. It could be a boredom quencher or a means of unearthing deeper thought. If you’re slightly confused by question 3, just whack out your pomegranate and you’re bound to have come up with something before you’re done snacking! Sadly, they are quite messy – but their red colouring could be misconstrued on your paper, honouring you with extenuating circumstances.  

4)    Fish fingers

Although, the instant absorption of brain foods has been demeaned, they doesn’t really stop our hopeful mentality. And who can contest the adorned Captain Birdseye as he tells us these compact little bundles are bursting with omega 3 fatty acids, good for the brain and body? The fingers will no doubt also transport you to your childhood, such a reminiscence could be quite tranquilising amidst the exam stress, as well as motivating you to perform for the pride of your family and own younger self. The bread crumbed delights also require no cutlery unlike arguably superior forms of fish, so it’s a real convenience food and also means no depressing washing up on return from your exam. A food of great liberation, despite its entrenched nostalgia.    

5)    Lunch

This could be a colourful salad to brighten the despairing exam hall, or a sandwich of sustenance – it just needs to signify lunchtime cuisine to you and your fellow exam sufferers. Eating this meal within the exam will highlight your unrivalled skills in time management as even before you’ve left the exam you’re already ahead of your afternoon’s to- do- list. This will surely ease your stress as you’re aware that ‘you’ve got this’ propelling you to destroy your current and consequent exams.    











Steph Ryan
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