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Durham Couch Surfers: A Tribute

Couch surfing is the in thing at the moment. You can travel the world and stay with strangers for free, snuggling up on their sofas whilst exploring new countries and cultures as never done before.This new couch craze has finally made it’s way down to Durham, but for reasons different to the original couch surfing, aimed at encouraging people to explore new places in a new and fun way.In Durham, couch surfing is for those too feeble to walk all the way home after a night of drunken debauchery. It’s for those who dance so hard that their little legs just can’t seem to reach to their own bedrooms and whose alcohol-induced imaginations lead them on a Dora the Sofa Explorer expedition to the land of the living rooms.

It’s surprising there’s not a Sit On My Sofa Society by now after two students have been found snoozing on stranger’s settees. They’re the university’s new BNOC’s, the couch celebrities, the sofa stars. Now we all want a new friend to lend our shabby Ikea furniture to for a night.So, if you want to get your name heard and your face known, there’s no better way to do it than to sneak into someone’s house, secretly sleep on their sofa and wake up the next morning to an obviously thrilled face overjoyed by your presence.

Who knows girls, your sofa might just attract some rather sexy individuals.

Although it’s probably far more wise to lock your doors. After all, you could wake up with a stranger in your bed…or does that happen anyway?

Second Year English Literature student at Durham University
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