8 Life Lessons to Learn from Gilmore Girls

It’s finally official. No more rumours, no more speculation. After more than 8 years off the air, Gilmore Girls is returning to Netflix in 2016. Hallelujah! No longer will we have to rely on re-runs of the show’s seven-season run to witness Lorelai and Rory’s frantic coffee-fuelled antics, Emily’s cutting remarks and the quirky and effervescent inhabitants of Stars Hollow.

Gilmore Girls has been sort of a guide to my adult life. Somehow watching the successes and failures of Lorelai and Rory has been a comfort and a guidebook for what - and what not - to do. Charting the struggles and successes of women from high school to college and, as adults pursuing their dreams, there’s much to learn from these girls. So whether you're blissfully ignoring the stack of work piling up in the corner or snowed under with summatives - take a moment to remind yourself of Stars Hollow and the lessons we can learn from the Gilmore Girls.



1.      Don’t panic too much about the future: To all those finalists who are feeling the pressure to have a plan for next year, remember that Rory had no clue what she was doing with her life for most of her college years. She may have had the vague idea that she wanted to be journalist but still she felt the same sense of panic endured by most finalists when they hear about all the terribly exciting internships and work placements their classmates have done over the summer. Rory still managed to find a way to achieve her dreams. So when that bloke in your lecture is rabbiting on about how he’s already secured a graduate placement for next year, don’t panic. You never know what’s around the corner.

2.      Everyone makes mistakes - it’s how you deal with them that matters: With that in mind, remember that nobody gets through life perfectly. Gilmore Girls constantly reminded us that even the perfect Rory Gilmore, the girl who achieved straight As in school and could barely put a foot wrong, crumbled under the pressure. She panicked when she failed to achieve top marks at Chilton, had a meltdown when she missed a test at school, she even temporarily dropped out of Yale, but every time she picked herself back up and worked even harder to achieve her goals. Lorelai didn’t let an unplanned teenage pregnancy derail her life - even when her parents thought she had ruined everything, she stuck by her guns and managed to build the life she had dreamed of. In fact, Gilmore Girls is littered with stories of those who managed to turn their lives around: take Jess who finally got his act together and wrote a book and started working at a publishing company.

3.      Pursue your dreams - no matter what: Lane Kim may have grown up with a mother who restricted her every move, but she never let that stop her from following her dream of being a band. She may have led a double life, but she always harboured the self-belief and determination that saw her take her life into her own hands, much like Lorelai. Eventually her mother understood who she was and the two were able to make peace.

4.      You can find your best friend in the unlikeliest of places: Rory and Paris certainly never would have predicted they would be lifelong friends when they met. Indeed, the first season featured Paris consistently trying to make Rory’s life as miserable as possible. Yet, despite a very bumpy start the two found a way to appreciate each other. Who would have thought the two could stand each other as roommates - even when Paris planted a printing press in the middle of their dorm room?

5.      Never forget to find the humour in a situation: If Gilmore Girls was known for anything it was its quick-witted humour interspersed with a myriad of pop-culture references that constantly left you thinking, “I wish I’d thought of that”. Lorelai always had a quip in response to her mother’s criticism and “Friday Night Dinners” were always the best display of the Gilmore Girls’ humour. What other pair could possibly popularise the phrase, “Oy, with the poodles already!”?

6.      Don’t settle for second best: Lorelai knew that there was more for her than Max Medina and she never settled for something she knew wasn’t right. Just as she refused to marry Christopher, and rejected his later advances. Lorelai had the courage to stand up for herself, her needs, and those of her daughter, no matter what pressure she was under to do “the right thing”. In the end, she was proved right, and found love in the most unlikeliest of the places: the grumpy diner-owner who had been her friend all along.

7.      You don’t need model looks to succeed: There’s no denying that Rory was a very pretty young girl, but this was never the most important thing about her. Rory was bright, intelligent and original: she never let anyone make her into anything else, whether they were a school bully, a romantic interest or even the school principal. Whilst others went to parties and enjoyed spring break, Rory preferred to spend her time in the library, reading books, living her life as she chose, not as others thought it should be. She was more than just her looks; and so are you.

8.      Most important of all - your mother can be your best friend. Rory always had Lane to rely on but we all know Lorelai was the one that Rory could turn to - especially when Rory was making some questionable decisions. Lorelai and Rory’s bond was unbreakable and unconditional throughout.