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5 Ways To Get Yourself Through The Easter Holidays

The Easter Holidays are here, and I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels the word "holidays" is a stretch and not what I think of when the word holiday comes to mind! No, I will not be spending all my holiday relaxing on the beach with a cocktail in hand. In reality, as a final year student, I will be spending a lot of my time finishing my dissertation and revising for my exams that are scarily getting closer and closer! Here's a guide to make these "holidays" a bit brighter!

Find some creative, and dare I say FUN ways to revise (yes, really!)

As a History and French student, I've found a few ways to make my revision a bit more stimulating. For my French language exam, I have been watching French TV series "Les Revenants" or "The Returned" translated into English! This series is available on Netflix, and I would really recommend it even to those who don't study French! This year, I'm writing my dissertation on History of Art, and living in London, I have the opportunity to visit galleries to see some of the art I'm studying! It's worth looking if there are any exhibitions relevant to your degree near where you live, as it's a chance to learn and revise in a different environment from your desk!

Take a Break! 

Spring has arrived, the sun is shining and the blossoms are blooming so DON'T spend the whole day staring at your computer screen at your desk. Get yourself off your bum for a walk! Or perhaps soak up some Vitamin D for half an hour during one of your breaks.

Get Active! 

Summer is around the corner, and so it's a great time to get yourself fitter! Not only is sport good for stress and makes you happier, it can also be fun! I've recently started taking spinning classes at a gym near my house, and I've never felt better!

Eat Clean(er)!

I'm not saying you can't snack on those Creme Eggs whilst struggling through your revision, but I've been trying to balance my sweet tooth with eating clean. For breakfast, try eating porridge with almond butter and fruit, for example, as it sets you up for the day nicely! There's plenty of inspiration on Instagram, for example @deliciouslyella and @thebodycoach for some healthy and yummy recipes! 

Treat Yoself!

Yes, you deserve those boots that you've had your eye on. Try treating yourself after achieving a goal, like after you've finished writing the diss, or revising a certain part of a module! It will motivate you to work harder!


20 year old from London currently on her Year Abroad in Paris. Follow me on Instagram for photos of Paris and other interesting things. https://instagram.com/charliecronin/
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