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3 DIY Christmas decorations on the cheap

1. Make your ugly baubles sparkle


Cost: Less than £1

Time: Fewer than five minutes

Difficulty: Low, very low.

Impact: Medium.

You will need:

Ugly baubles


PVA Glue

Firstly, put the glitter into a small dish and round up your ugly baubles


Secondly, cover your baubles in glue in any shape or pattern you like and let them roll in the glitter (you may have to roll them yourself).


2. Props for the ultimate holiday party

Cost: Less than £3

Time: Between 1 and 2 hours.

Difficulty: Moderate.

Impact: Spectacular.

You will need:

Printer Credits





There is no step-by-step guide to this. You can download templates from the Internet or draw your own designs: cut, stick on cardboard and enjoy to your heart’s content.

Result: A wild Christmas Party…

3. Ten minute Angel Gabriel

Cost: Less than 20p.

Time: Fewer than ten minutes.

Difficulty: Intermediate.

Impact: Overwhelming.

You will need:

Toilet roll tube




Wool for hair (optional).


Firstly, glue a piece of paper into a cone shape around the toilet roll and cut to size. Next, fold a piece of A4 paper, draw an outline of wings and cut.

Secondly, cover the wings in PVA glue and attack with glitter. Next attach to the body and cut out a small circle from the remaining paper to make Angel Gabriel’s face. Glue this to the body.

Wait until dry and proudly present to the Christmas tree.


Put everything together and have a cracking Christmas!

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I'm Abby, I'm 19 and from Collingwood College, Durham University. I'm studying Archaeology and in my spare time I enjoy writing, reading, and helping on my college ENTs team.
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