2018 Summer Reading List

Although I read all year round, my pace slows significantly during term time and picks up again in the holidays when the academic pressures ease off. There is nothing better that spending a whole day emersed in a book when you have no other responsibilities weighing on your shoulders. Listed below are some of the titles I will be working my way through, and hopefully they are of inspiration to you. 

Love in the Time of Cholera

I have been meaning to read this classic for ages and now that I have found a lovely second hand copy I think it is finally the time! Whilst many people absolutely love this book, I know many others have been left disappointed so I am looking forward to forging my own opinion.

Catcher in the Rye

Again, another classic I am just dying to read – and quite frankly I am embarrassed I haven’t already!


Home Fires

As the recent winner of the 2018 women’s prize for fiction this book is just a must read for me. I really enjoy keeping up with this longlist in particular as it often allows me to find great new female authors. I don’t always agree with the winner so I am interested to see what I think about this one!

Autobiography of Malcolm X

A friend recently read this and recommended it to me. As a History student with a particular interest in 20th century American race history this autobiography appealed to be straightaway.

Black Tudors

As I am also fascinated by the early modern period, I was really intrigued by Black Tudors as it incorporates the often neglected element of race in social relations at this time. I anticipate this to be an extremely eye opening read.

History of Wolves

I never really read crime, which is a shame, because when I do I always enjoy it. I have heard many good things about this book and it has appeared in my inbox and Instagram feed on several occasions - I think it is destined to be this summer’s crime-fix!