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The pandemic has meant that many lovers have been unable to see each other. Saying ‘distance makes the heart grow fonder’ has never been more relevant! Here are some ideas for when you are lacking date inspiration, whether you are a long-term couple, or your romance has blossomed in lockdown. 

1. Online Board Games

Missing your weekly games night? Have a look online to virtually compete against each other at one of your favourite board games. My personal pick is Monopoly which you can access through the gaming portal ‘Pogo’. Another great option is ‘BoardGamesArena’.

2.Fall Asleep Together

A great way to feel closer to your significant other on a cold, windy night is to FaceTime them just before you get into bed. Get cosy in your pyjamas and have a tired conversation before you fall asleep (although I would not recommend this if your partner is a loud snorer!). 

3.Get to Know Each Other

Whilst this may seem strange for people that have been together for a long time, a great way to pass the time is asking each other questions (these can be as silly or deep as you want). An idea to make this more interesting is call your significant other, find a quiz on Buzzfeed and try to answer the questions as if you were your partner. You will undoubtedly end up laughing together at the strange outcomes of these quizzes. I myself have tried the ‘What’s your magical place of power’ on Buzzfeed and the questions certainly made me think hard about what my partner would pick. 

4.Watch a Movie

There are many streaming services that allow two people to watch the same movie in real time, for example Kosmi. This website also allows you to chat together so you can comment on what is going on during the film, perfect for finishing that Marvel marathon you started together.

5. Write Letters

For the old-school lovers out there, give letter writing a try. What is more romantic than receiving a handwritten note with your partner’s perfume on it? You could possibly add these to a relationship memory box if that is something that interests you.

6.Make Goals

With nothing much going on at the moment, you could try creating a list of goals for you both to complete in the future. This could include a trip abroad, adopting a pet or buying a washing machine. This is a great way to get you both excited for the future when the present feels boring.

7.Send Presents

Prove how well you know your partner and send them a present. This could be a box full of little things to cheer them up, or something small you know they’ll love. Some ideas of what you could send include: a ticket from previous travels together, sweets that they love or just a picture of you both together. Even better if you both send presents and then open them on FaceTime, so you can see each other’s smiling faces. 

8. Play Truth or Dare

When you’re running out of ideas it may be fun to resort to your childhood and play some rounds of truth or dare. FaceTime your partner and ask them questions as deep as you desire. Did they pick dare? Tell them to do something wacky like eat a banana peel. You could also do some sexy dares if you want things to get a bit steamy. 

9.Order a Food Delivery

Are you foodies? Pick a takeaway close to your partner and order it to their house. You can do this for each other and eat together. Light a few candles, pour yourself a drink then FaceTime your partner to create the atmosphere of a romantic restaurant. 

10.Cook Together

On the topic of food, put your chef skills to the test and try to cook your favourite dish on FaceTime. My favourite meal to do this with is ‘Sesame halloumi parcels with sweet potato tahini mash’.


No matter how far apart you are, there are always ways you can enjoy each other’s company. Try one of these and it might just become a weekly ritual for you both. Cherish these moments until you can finally be together again.


Yazz Dean

Durham '23

I am an amateur writer, lifestyle blogger, and an article writer for HerCampus at Durham University. I study English literature and have particular interests in modernism, Victorian fiction and post-colonial perspectives. When I'm not hitting the books, you can find me strolling through town searching for a new café, eating a lot of chocolate or learning a new trick with the Durham University Pole Dancing Society. I enjoy discussing topics around sexuality and vegetarianism (although the great debate shall forever be what the best chocolate is).
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