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You’ve Gotta Have Some Fun.

Fun. is the Queen-esque (they feature really theatric vocals and instruments) band based out of New York City that seems to have gained popularity overnight. On February 21, they released their second album, Some Nights, and seemed to wow everyone. Only the hipsters knew that they had any music prior to their single, We Are Young (which came out last September), and now they’re all that everyone is listening to on Spotify.

If you don’t think you’ve heard of them and you’ve been to Shooters recently, you’re probably wrong. From time to time, We Are Young replaces Someone Like You as the final song as they kick everyone out for the night. It’s good, but there are definitely other songs on the album that deserve more attention. Here are the best of’s:

  1. Best Study Song: Carry On- Motivational lyrics to help you push through your horrible problem set during your late night in Perkins. “If you’re lost and alone or you’re sinking like a stone, carry on.” It’s really calming and just makes you feel good.
  2. Best Song to Sing To: Some Nights- This one is just really great to belt! You’ll think you’re straight out of a musical. The lyrics and drumbeats are both crazy dramatic. I listen to this one when I walk around campus all the time.
  3. Best Song to Rage to: Shooters got it right. It’s We Are Young. No arguments here.
  4. Best Chilling Song: Stars- It’s really long, but somehow I always find myself listening to this one. It’s calm and pretty.  One of the simplest on the album, but a standout, in my opinion.

This CD is now my most frequently played and will be for a while.  Even if you don’t think this is your type of music, give it a chance. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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