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Which Contestant from ‘The Bachelor’ Season 20 Are You?

New year, new season of The Bachelor. The show you love to hate (or hate to love?). If nothing else, you finally have something besides quality time at a booth in The Edge to look forward to on Monday nights. This season has brought some diversely crazy ladies, but you might find some of their quirky tactics and “awko-taco” moments all too relatable. So ladies, it’s time to find out: which contestant are you?








 If you tend to make the same questionable choice multiple times, you may be Becca. Both of you somehow have been suckered into another season of The Bachelor, even though you told yourself it wouldn’t happen again.








If you like to set high expectations – like stepping out of the limo dressed as a first impression rose – you may be Mandi. Additional signs that you’re one in the same: you place a high value on dental hygiene, and you’re the designated crazy of any group. 








This one is pretty easy. If you were born on the same day as your sister, you are Emily. Or Haley. You should try to be Emily because she crushed it during the soccer date. On the other hand, if you’re striving for a job title other than “twin” maybe these aren’t your girls.








If you aren’t usually the girl who’s the center of attention in your friend group, you may be Maegan. People usually don’t remember your name because they’re too busy watching your friend horse around, but you know she’s just a one-trick pony. 

Chris Harrison







If you are good at counting and think you can make a career out of announcing when only one rose is left, you may be Chris Harrison.



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