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What to Get Him for Christmas


Girls, in my opinion, are beyond easy to buy Christmas gifts for – the options seem to be unlimited. Guys though… well, they can be a smidge tougher. Not to worry though, I’m here to help crack the code so that you collegiettes can stay sweat free in the gift-shopping (or making!) department.

This holiday season is the first time I’ve ever had to buy a gift for a boyfriend, and though initially stressed, I was surprised at the relative ease which I selected his gift. I’m buying the item (as I’m no woodsmith) but I’m adding a personal touch (with only a quick trip to Hobby Lobby.) I know he’ll love it, and though I wish I could tell you what that thing is, I’m not sure if the Her Campus website will be safe from his prying eyes. Gifts need to stay secret after all.

But, after this experience and talking to some of my friends, I was able to come up with a simple, rather fool-proof method in selecting gifts for that special guy in your life, whether boyfriend, best friend, or brother.

This involves understanding who your guy really is as a person. Is he a suave, confident guy who’s always on point? Is he a dog person? Does he like peanut butter or peppermint better? These are all questions that will put you on track to finding the perfect gift. Spend a little time sizing up his personality, then get ready to cater to his personal tastes.


The Gamer

  • Two words: Halo 4. No seriously. I don’t need to give any further ideas. This game comes with a whole new weaponry set and I’ve already previewed a few of the levels. It’s a solid choice.
  • Other good options for recent releases sure to please are Assassin’s Creed III and Black Ops II (BLOPS II in gamer speak.) It has zombies. Need I say more?


The Techie

  • Pretty much any neat add-on will suffice. Techies live for add-ons. Make sure they have a degree of utility, and that they’re not just for show, like this lime green multi-USB port.
  • Basically anything from Apple, unless he’s a strict PC user. Definitely do your research on this one. Techies tend to have very specific ideas of what brand intell they like to use, and you do not want to get this one wrong. I know quite a few techies and have been subject to more than one PC versus Mac debate. Believe me, it’s like watching warfare.


The Nerd

  • A custom lightsaber will pretty much make any nerd’s dreams come true, and nowadays you can find some amazing ones. Just head to any ‘nerd store’ you can. Google them. They exist, and you can often find the best deals in store.
  • Tickets to The Hobbit (in theaters December 14th!) The musical score and visuals are going to be off the rock amazing. Watching the Orcs getting slayed will be a wonderful holiday treat for your average nerd.
  • A DVD series throwback, like Cowboy Bebop or Firefly, depending on his anime and sci-fi likes. Nothing like the TV of adolescence to make him light up upon unwrapping.



The Sports Fan

  • The personalized, logo waffle press of their favorite sports team. I’ve never given this gift myself, but I’ve heard guys swear it was the sweetest gift they’d ever received. Syrupy success!
  • Sports paraphernalia of their favorite team—but here’s the kicker—be original. He’s probably in possession of many coffee mugs, baseball caps, and favorite player jerseys. Find out the golden item that he has yet to put into his collection, and nab it!


The Athlete

  • A sweet pair of new kicks. Bonus if you get Duke blue. You can either get him ones he would wear for show, or some that he can work out in. Either way, he’d think of you every time he glanced at his feet.
  • A cool new workout gadget, like stay-in-place earphones or a specially designed shock absorber for his tennis racquet. Get creative and personal with this. Many customizing websites exist on the market for just that.


The Ladies’ Man

  • A brand new blazer or button down oxford. Something to keep him looking fly for a night on the town. You could always customize the gift with a unique pair of cufflinks, guaranteed to make your gift stand out from the rest.
  • Dinner out at a local gem. Many ladies’ men are well versed in the local foodie scene, reserving the special finds for their dates, which is why he would be very impressed if you introduced him to someplace new and fabulous. And, you get to eat the delicious food too. Win-win.



All Guys

  • Homemade treats! I don’t know many guys who would turn down a freshly-baked batch of holiday cookies, complete with frosting and sprinkles. You can find yummy do-it-yourself fudge recipes here.
  • Make that homemade anything. Gifts you make yourself are always the best. I can still remember the ornament my brother made me when he was six or so, and I keep it in a safe place like the precious item it is.


So collegiettes, I wish you luck on your expedition. May the Force be with you on your search. I have faith in your prowess and know you will find just the right one.

All photos shown in this article are gifts you can purchase from Etsy.com, Gamestop.com, etc. –Get them while you still can!


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I've been a Her Campus contributor for three semesters now, and I love being able to express myself in this way. I am a junior at Duke University. I do yoga, am writing a fantasy novel, love video games, feel passionate about getting collegiettes to find body/mind/self confidence, and am trying (*) to eat gluten-free like my amazing boyfriend. *one of the best things you can do for your health
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