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Ways To Stay Focused During Reading Period

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Duke chapter.
  1. Listen to your body and your mind

You know yourself best, so read your signs. Do you have a headache from studying too much? Are too tired to lift your limbs from your bed? Have you eaten anything yet? Take care of your body and mind while you’re studying. Take lunch breaks and actually sleep. All-nighters are not that helpful when you have exams in a row.

  1. Make a plan for you (and no one else)

Again, you know what is best for you. If you are really bad at studying, start earlier and make it fun. Bring things you enjoy into it. Watch videos on the subject. Make study guides in colored pens. Also make sure you have something that signals the start and end of studying and a reward as well as the routine you want of studying. You are not going to want to study if there is nothing to look forward to. If you do not already have a plan in mind, try setting work hours for yourself over reading period (9 to 5?) with short breaks (15 minutes?) after an increment (1 hour and 15 minutes) that works for you. The set time cues you to work and your breaks can be rewards like watching a funny video or reading a bit of a great book.

  1. Leave Room for Fun

Studying is great and all, but there comes a time when you are doing too much. Give yourself time to just relax during reading period. Try and plan this into your time. Budget how much study time you need per class and schedule it out. Also schedule time to grab a meal with friends or do something you really enjoy. Also know that if you’re good with studying through the entire reading period and not having relaxation time, that is okay too. The main thing is that you are healthy and prepared for your exams. You know yourself best, so plan accordingly.

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