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Courtesy of Hannah Lipow
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Duke chapter.

It is time for the Class of 2025 to start bringing their dorm room Pinterest boards to life, and I am here to help you finalize those shopping lists! After living in a dorm for the past year, I feel qualified to share my top 8 tips! 

  1. Mattress Topper 

    Yes, every list you have read probably has a mattress topper on it, but I cannot stress this one enough. In the heat of the semester, every moment of sleep counts, and you will appreciate your past self for purchasing a mattress topper. For your comfort and relaxation, I would highly recommend investing in a mattress topper (it is basically investing in your sleep)!!

  2. Drying Rack

    Let’s be real; dorm dryers are not it. If you want to protect your favorite leggings and sweaters, you will want to hang dry them. But hanging your wet clothes in random places around your room creates clutter. I bought a collapsible drying rack during winter break, and it has seriously upped my dorm laundry experience. 

  3. Laundry Hamper with Different Compartments 

    The laundry bags with backpack straps may seem convenient, but I would recommend getting a pop-up hamper with different compartments. This helps me sort my darks and lights and makes it easier to find that one shirt when it takes a few days to put my laundry away. 

  4. Bed Rest Pillow 

    Whether you are doing work in bed, attending Zoom class in bed, or just watching Netflix in bed, nothing beats the comfort of a bed rest pillow. These pillows are the perfect combination of support and comfort for those days when you just cannot get out of bed. 

  5. Lots of Organizational Bin and Baskets 

    Stock up on organizational bins and baskets in all sizes and shapes. I promise you will underestimate the amount of these you will need and how helpful they will be in keeping your dorm room clean and organized. Stock up now, and you will thank yourself on move-in day! 

  6. Laptop Desk 

    I would highly recommend you get a foldable and adjustable laptop desk. I love using my laptop desk when working in bed or on the floor. It makes it so easy to use your laptop, take notes, and actually be productive while working in bed! I also recommend looking for an adjustable one to maximize your comfort and productivity. 

  7. Laptop Stand 

    You have seen this one all over the study Instagram accounts, and I am here to tell you it is LEGIT! I got a laptop stand over winter break, and not only does it declutter my desk, but it also helps my posture and reduces neck strain when staring at a computer screen all day. (Also, it makes for better Zoom camera angles!) On the days when I am staring at my computer from 9 AM-12 AM, I am so thankful for my laptop stand!  

There you have it! I hope these tips help you when you are dorm shopping!

Hello! I am a freshman at Duke from Hendersonville, NC!
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