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Tryst Six Venom by Penelope Douglas

This novel is the author’s first foray into lesbian romance. It’s an enemies-to-lovers, angsty teenage love story, and the snippets on her website are so intriguing. The two protagonists have been at each other’s throats for years. Clay Collins is the cool, perfect golden girl and Olivia Jaeger is the outsider girl from the wrong side of the tracks. I am also so excited to learn more about Olivia’s brothers who seem to be shady according to Clay. I think Olivia has six brothers so that should be super exciting and entertaining to read. Ms. Douglas is the queen of angsty and enemies-to-lovers romances, and her fight scenes are entrancing. This novel comes out tentatively on May 20, 2021, so pick it up when it’s out and if you like when the protagonists banter a little.


The Monster by LJ Shen

This is the third book of Shen’s series Boston Belles. Ms. Shen loves to hold back details until close to the release, so we don’t know much about this novel except our speculations. It has been confirmed that the male love interest is Sam Brennan but his female counterpart is unknown. I personally think it is about Sam Brennan and Aisling Fitzpatrick since Aisling has had a crush on him for the longest time and I loved their interactions in the last two novels. If I am correct, then the story is an unrequited love and the best friend’s brother/sister thing. Aisling is best friends with Sam’s sister Sailor, and Sam is best friends with Aisling’s brother Cillian. Sam is also a part of mob activity and is a very dangerous and powerful man. If any of that floats your boat, pick this beauty up on June 15, 2021. The cover reveal is on May 21 if you get curious before that.


Last Guard by Nalini Singh 

Payal Rao and Canto Mercant are the two protagonists in this novel. Payal is a cold, cardinal telekinetic Psy and Canto is a cardinal telepathic Psy who has a spinal injury and is considered flawed in the eyes of his race. The two are also crucial in keeping their race alive because they are Anchors who keep the biofeedback network of the Psy, a psychic race, stabilized. Singh’s Psy-Changeling series has amazing world building and there are 16+ books in the series, so if you need something to binge, start with this series. I’d also recommend perusing her website to learn more about the world she has built within her books. I am personally so excited for this book; she only releases a new book in this series once a year. It comes out usually right before high school classes end, and I remember reading it on a bench waiting for my graduation rehearsal to start. This highly anticipated novel comes out on July 20, 2021.


The Heart Principle by Helen Hoang

This one is kind of a late summer read and I might be back in school by then, but it is still in the summer months so I am counting it. I have been waiting for this book for a while. I love Helen Hoang’s books and am super excited to read about the man who is the cousin and brother of the last two male love interests. Quan was kind of a mystery in the last two novels in Hoang’s series, so I am thrilled to learn more about him. Anna, his love interest, is not impressed by him at first, and she can demolish him at fencing based on the teasers. I look forward to her outsmarting him throughout the entire novel and am delighted to learn how they fall in love.  Look out for this beautiful book around August 31, 2021.


Cohen by Katee Robert

This novel is even more of a late summer read than the last one. I am certain that almost everyone who goes to school will be back in school by the time this gorgeous book releases. This novel is her third in the Sabine Valley series. To give some background, each novel in the series features one of the seven Paine brothers and each one involves a triad, a relationship between three people. Sabine Valley is a city ruled by three factions: the Mystics, the Amazons, and the Raiders. The Paine brothers were betrayed years before the beginning of the series and now they are back to claim their place as the rulers of the Raiders faction. Their plan to do this starts with claiming a bride from each of the factions for each of the brothers. This tradition of Sabine Valley guarantees peace between the factions for a year as the brides, male or female, have to first consummate their union and then stay with the one who chose them for that entire year. This particular novel is about the third oldest Paine brother Cohen, his best friend Maddox, and his bride Winry. Winry is an Amazon who does not act like a mighty, female warrior like the rest of her family. Cohen is the most aggressive and scariest of his brothers. Maddox is part of the Paine brother’s group and is a seasoned fighter. Cohen has no idea what to do with Winry so he lets Maddox takeover, but Cohen and Maddox are already lovers. What can go wrong? I am super curious as to what is going to happen and how these three will get together. This novel comes out on September 13, 2021. The late date gives you plenty of time to catch up and binge read her other novels.

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