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Sweater Weather

Cold weather getting you down? Sounds like it’s sweater season! From thick wool to light cotton, walk into any store right now and you’ll find racks on racks of sweaters. But with so many, how are we supposed to choose? A good place to start is in your own wardrobe. Look at the colors you already own, it’d be silly to buy something in a color you already have. If you own a black coat, a brown sweater might not be your best option. If your favorite scarf is mint, bright orange might not be the most flattering. Choose pieces that will fit into the wardrobe you already have, that’s the easiest way to eliminate some options.

Next, determine what silhouettes flatter your shape. Personally, I’m fuller figured so I choose pieces that are longer to cover and lengthen. For the most part, sweaters come in two major dimensions, baggy/fitted and long/short. But neckline can also change the entire look of the garment. Higher necklines can be warmer and accent a statement necklace well but if in a thicker fabric can become itchy and uncomfortable. V-necks and scoop-necks elongate the neck and draw attention to the bust but may require a scarf outdoors.

Fitting your wardrobe and fitting your body are things that you can figure out for your own life and shape but style-wise, there are some very in trends this season that should be taken advantage of.  The first is hard edges with comfy forms. Zippers and leather are making their way into fall garments and giving edgy details to what can other wise be a rather formless garment. Another is lace, refer to my last blog for tips on adding lace to old pieces. Lastly a really beautiful trend for fall is jewel tones. There are dozens of sweaters out there in maroons and emeralds, all which translate well to winter and can easily be paired with dark wash jeans or basic black. 

I'm a Duke freshman from Davidson, North Carolina. I've got a love for southern sorority fashion but with a hipster twist. Think: Lilly Pulitzer shorts at an Avett Brothers concert. I like to bring a touch of the runway to campus and track trends every season, between papers and hours in the library of course! XO SJH
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