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Study Spots: Life Beyond Perkins

With the constant stream of midterms, you may be spending more time in the library than in your own room. Unfortunately, you can’t avoid exams but maybe you can avoid the monotony of Perkins. While there are plenty of great study spaces in the main libraries, it can be nice to get away from the stress vibes that seem to overwhelm them. Depending on your studying preferences, some of the following spots may be great alternatives for you!

Going Off Campus

If you’re looking for a big change in your study routine, going off campus is a good way to mix it up. This is especially helpful in taking a break from being surrounded by the stress of all of the other Duke students packed into the library. Durham’s fantastic food scene includes many excellent cafes where the Sunday work grind can include delicious and unique coffee and pastries. Francesca’s is a great choice right on Ninth Street, and Cocoa Cinnamon has a cool, eclectic vibe. 

Doing Work Anytime, Anywhere

Sometimes I find I can be most productive in between classes, or waiting for a meeting, or another short, manageable time period. Instead of letting those 20 or 30 minutes here and there go to waste, check out whatever building you are in for some comfy chairs and knock out some reading or a quick assignment. Some buildings like Environmental Hall have big lobbies with tables and chairs, and others, like BioSci or Social Sciences, have big armchairs throughout the hallways. 

For Hungry Studiers

For those of us who tend to associate studying with snacks, there are so many options besides Saladelia in Perkins. There is another Saladelia in the Sanford School, a building with various study spaces including cozy nooks built into the staircases. The Law School also has a cafeteria with plenty of tables and chairs, and its own library if you want a quiet space.  Bella Union, located a couple of floors above Pitchforks, has all of your café options along with plenty of candy to fuel your hard work.

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