Outfit Update: Lace

As I unpack all my winter clothes in the wake of these under 70 degree days, I can’t help but feel a little disappointed. I swear I had something that looked cute and pulled together last year when I packed these clothes away. What happened to those trendy outfits? Where did all my cute clothes go? Looking at racks and racks of sweaters I want to chuck all this back into the box under my bed and go shopping.

Short of blowing my bank account, the fall trends may have a save for my old wardrobe: Lace. Lace and knits, lace and leather, lace and metal, it’s everywhere. But it’s also super easy to add to an outfit. Now every time I whip out a sewing machine and trick myself into thinking I can sew, it ends poorly. A little lace on the hem of your old jeans or a little ribbon along the neckline of an old shirt seems simple enough, I mean it’s a straight line. Yet, I don’t trust my machine not to eat it. Attaching with a little hot glue (my personal fix-all), some styling tape (for a less permanent look), or (yikes! I know) a couple stitches, trim can completely change an outfit. The best thing about trim though is that a few key hand stitches (much more reliable) can make it almost permanent, just be careful washing whatever you use! I love lace and it can add an interesting detail and can spice up any old or basic outfit.