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After coming back from Spring Break, I was shocked by how few weeks were left in the semester.  When I get stressed out, I have a tendency of going on autopilot and losing track of how quickly time is passing.  When I think back on this semester it seems like it has been the shortest yet, but I want to make sure that I make the most of my last few weeks as a junior so I have decided to set some mid semester resolutions.

1. Don’t spend 24 hours a day in Perkins

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This one might sound very obvious, but this is actually something I have done multiple times this semester.  It is so easy for me to freak out about school work and just lock myself in Perkins and not talk to anyone for days at a time.  This isn’t healthy physically or mentally and it isn’t a productive way to get work done either.  In the next few weeks I want to make sure that even when I am completely overwhelmed I take the time to take a break and hang out with my friends.

2. Reach out to someone new each week

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There are so many people that I have slowly lost touch with since freshman year, and when I see them around it always makes me so happy.  Just by chance I have reconnected with a few people this way, but I want to make an effort to reach out to some of the people that I have lost contact with since going abroad.

3. Take time to appreciate the little moments

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It’s so easy to get absorbed into the academics of Duke and forget all of the things that make Duke such an incredible school to be a student.  Between basketball, the stunning campus that we have, and the amazing people on it, there are so many reasons that I will always be grateful for having attended this school.  In these last few weeks I want to make sure that I stay aware of all the little moments that I love so much.  Whether that’s cheering Duke on in March Madness or laughing uncontrollably at a meme with my friend after spending too long in Perkins, I want to make sure I don’t overlook them and get caught up in the negatives.