Mid-semester Makeover: How to Turn Your (Dorm) Life Around

Ever wake up one day and wonder what you’ve been doing the past two semesters? How could you have let yourself go? Your room looks like a pigsty- you can’t even see the floor. Your friends constantly complain of that lingering pizza smell. Well, take a look around. 

Time to get your (dorm) life together. 

Step 1: Clean out. Still have freebies from O-week creeping out from behind your fridge? That’s what I thought. Channel your inner Miranda Presley, take everything with a grain of salt, and ditch it. Time to make room (in your room) for what really matters, people.

Step 2: Up your online shopping game. Take a break from browsing the clothing section on Etsy, Urban, Amazon, etc. and head on over to the Home Goods section. Redecorating only requires a few touch-ups here and there, so be sure to get yourself a super soft rug, squishy beanbag, colorful ottoman, and of course a tapestry. And while you’re at it, a new lamp, sheet set, iHome, oh and a blanket. Just remember, money is not an object. 

Step 3: Track your pending order like a Facebook-crazed teenager. Anxiously await the sound of your oversized boxes being dropped by your door. It feels as if your whole life has been leading up to this moment, and the second your goods arrive, be sure to tear the packaging to shreds. 

Step 4: Spend a good two days (or MORE) really soaking it all in, and by that I mean throw yourself into your new set up, legs sprawled, Netflix on, battery fully-charged…you get the picture

Step 5: Take any opportunity you get to invite your friends over and embrace your newly-discovered level of #cool

So what are you waiting for?